Saturday, September 24, 2011

How to Repair Drywall Damage (w/Montage!)

As you are getting ready to move into your new home, you probably have a few things to take care of at your old apartment.  All landlords are different, but besides leaving your apartment "broom clean" you might be asked to repair any marks or damage on the walls.  Your landlord will be more than happy to use your deposit money to make these repairs, but with a little help from the video below, you should be able to make these repairs yourself and do it without spending much money.

Supplies and cost:
  • DAP spackling paste or ReadyPatch - $4
  • Putty knife - $1
  • Hand sander - $9
  • Sand paper - $3
  • Primer (recommended, or use Primer+Paint) - $15
  • Paint - $10
  • Paint brush - $3
  • Flat head screw driver - $2
  • Hammer or mallet - $5

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