Friday, September 30, 2011


I had never really watched HGTV until a few months ago.  My Realtor said that would change, and he was right in a big way.

The programming is a mix of shows for homeowners and home shoppers.  I assume it is an evolution - you watch the shows relating to house hunting, then once you've made a purchase, you are more interested in how to decorate and renovate.

House Hunters
You can probably guess what the show House Hunters is about.  It tracks a couple who go see three different houses and discuss the pros and cons of each.  At the end, there's a forced sit-down review where the couple makes their decision.  Pamela and I guess which home they pick.  It's amusing. 

There's also House Hunters International which is the exact same, but you get a mix of US and non-US couples looking for homes / vacation homes around the world.

Be a TV Star!
Had I been watching HGTV before we began our own house hunt, I would have certainly applied to be on the show.  You can find out about applying to be on one of the shows here.

We're definitely going to apply for one of the programs once we are in our house.  Several are looking for NYC area volunteers.  Wish us luck!  Home buyers to bloggers to emmy winning TV stars!

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