Monday, September 19, 2011

First Post About Our First Home

For the First-time Home Buyer, by a First-time Home Buyer
I am beginning to write this with the clear goal of jinxing our first home purchase.

We heard that tomorrow in the morning we'll get the "clear to close" on our mortgage and that we can then schedule the closing in seven days.  We're so close!

I wanted to start this blog to help others who are in the process of buying their first home or thinking about starting the journey.  I found that there was a big gap in information that I think this blog can fill.  You will find many sites out there that will give you boiler-plate definitions of terms and bullet points about the home buying process.  There are also lots of forums where people share excerpts about their experiences or ask questions pertaining to a bump in the road they encountered.

I hope that this blog can bridge the gap between the two.  I plan to write up a Buyer's Guide and fill it with anecdotes about our experience to help clarify and humanize the process.

For the Home Seller
While this blog's formation coincides with the closing of the home purchase, I have actually just begun a new process in selling a home.  My brother and I have joint ownership of a rental home which we are looking to sell.  I think it will be interesting to blog about our experiences in selling this rental home as it is happening.  Wish us luck!

For the Home Owner
I am hopeful that after becoming  homeowners, we will be able to regularly update this blog with our experiences in after closing the purchase.  I am looking forward to becoming "handy" and already have a list of improvement projects I want to undertake over the next few months.  What would be better than to read a blog post about me hitting my thumb with a hammer?!  

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