Tuesday, October 11, 2011

First Mini-Project Complete

I always wanted a workbench and tools.  With the proper equipment, I could become handy, right?

When our offer was accepted on the house, I immediately started dreaming of my man-cave.  Whether it would be in the basement or the garage, I didn't care - all I know is that it'd be a workshop and maybe double as an indoor driving range.  In the weeks leading up to moving in I found myself watching How-to videos and researching different project plans.  I was particularly inspired by Ana White.  You should really really visit her site.  The short version of her story is that she is a mother in Alaska who decided to build furniture to save money.  She blogged about the projects and posted detailed project plans for others to follow.  Her latest undertaking is building a "Momplex" - a duplex for both her mother and her mother-in-law.

Back to us in Westchester...

Off we went to Home Depot the other week - wow, just getting some basic tools was expensive!  I also made an agreement with Pamela - we would purchase a breakfast table and chairs that I wasn't necessarily thrilled about, if she would let me try to build our kitchen table.  You'll see more posts in the near future about this and other projects.

As for the blog title, since I reached a stopping point on my larger project until this coming weekend, I decided to use some scrap to make... something.

Allow me to present to you, the Cellphone / Alarm Clock Nighstand.

I've used my cellphone as an alarm clock exclusively for some time now.  It has a nice setting which makes the screen appear just like an alarm clock (not pictured - lights need to be out).  Generally, I've laid the phone flat and propped myself up in the night to see the time.  This stand will allow me to more easily see the time.

The stand is built from some scrap 1x4 as a base and a scrap 1x3 cut at a 30 degree angle as the upright.  I sanded both pieces and I may decide to stain them - good practice for my first larger project!  I used wood glue to attach the two pieces.  My first attempt used a singular screw, but let's just say that is now officially unusable scrap.

Cellphone / Alarm Clock Nighstands now available for sale... umm... $5?


  1. Interesting post!! I really like this site, and hope you will write more, thanks for your information.

  2. Thanks Alexander! I always value feedback.