Friday, October 21, 2011

Donald Trump - Never A Better Time to Buy (from a bank)

Donald Trump, in the clip below, explains why he believes there has never been a better time to buy, as long as you are buying from a bank:

I think his comments are timely - six months ago, I believe banks would have been more reluctant or less likely to just "get rid" of properties they owned.  Now with the economy really struggling again and the focus on banks' balance sheets, both in the US and Europe, banks should be more willing to cut deals.

His comments on financing a deal when buying from a third party may be a bit off - we didn't have a problem getting a good mortgage, but I guess I can't speak more broadly than my experience and what I've read.

One point to highlight - Trump, love him or hate him, is all about confidence.  He sued a reporter who dared say his net worth was not in the billions.  Over the past several years, Trump has been licensing his name for properties (and other projects) rather than buying and owning himself.  It is interesting to note that he has now become a buyer again.  If you think he is a savvy real estate investor, maybe you should follow his lead.

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