Sunday, January 13, 2013

This is why you buy a house


When we started thinking about getting a house I had dreamed of having a basement with high ceilings where I could swing a golf club.  Our basement doesn't have that, so I couldn't make a full swing.

Pamela's parents got me a long indoor putting green last Christmas which I've kept in the basement.  This Christmas, Pamela got me a driving range mat so it was only a matter of time until I cleared out enough space in the garage / workshop.

After completing Walt's coffee table and organizing all my scrap wood into a big junk pile, I now have enough room.

Now if I could only teach the dogs to act as my ball return...


  1. Hey Jim. Came across your great blog and see you are a fellow NYU alum. My wife and I are in the early stages of looking for a house to buy and we are interested in White Plains. Would really be interested in hearing about how you like it there and also asking for any realtor recommendations you may have.

    1. Evan,
      We worked with Frank Ledermann who we highly recommend. He was recommended to us by a friend who had a looong search for a house as they were moving from NYC and they really enjoyed his patience and professionalism. My wife and I still regularly meet with Frank who is now a friend of ours rather than just a professional acquaintance. You can find his info here:

      As for White Plains, we are very happy here. We first decided to rent in White Plains after living in NYC. We checked out White Plains, Stamford, Scarsdale, and Greenwich, and decided on WP as it was the best 'little city' compared to NYC.

      AFter living in the Avalon White Plains for 18 months we found a home nearby.

      The benefit of WP versus the other areas we looked:
      - Had the most going on as downtown WP really is a city, with restaurants, bars, things to do
      - We were told good schools (not as good as Scarsdale) and not as high of taxes
      - WP is a major hub for the Metro North, so LOTS of trains stop there / flexible schedule

      We chose our specific house based on the neighborhood, space, cost, and walking distance to the North White Plains station.

      Happy to discuss more.

  2. So, when do you plan to buy a house with a spacious basement for golf? Your dream is very feasible, and you can make that dream come true by getting a home loan. Have you considered this idea? I’d love to know if you already purchased your dream home. -Oscar Lang

  3. Having a spacious basement makes me think that you have to build your own house instead and allocate the dimensions that you want to have. I’ve experienced my own share of house hunting, and I’ve found very few houses that can match your “wider space” qualification. Anyway, I just hope that you keep us posted regarding the home that you’ll be buying. :)

    -^ Nannie Toller ^-

    1. I also found it hard to look for a house that has a wide basement, but I’m glad that my realtor and my creditor found one that can fit my budget. I actually enjoy having a wider space since I’ve done great redos on the place. I hope you can visit sometime. :)

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